There’s a first for everything.

I guess it’s time for introductions, even though I know a majority (if not all) of my readers will be people I personally have met or know. But who knows, I may reach out to a group of readers that share a common interest in cycling, adventure, or fighting cancer. There’s bound to be one stranger, and if you are that person, I welcome you with open arms.

My name is Anthony, and I am a rider for the 2013 4K for Cancer Program. This summer, I will be biking across the United States from Baltimore to San Francisco in an effort to raise awareness about the young adult cancer population and raise money in support for the Ulman Cancer Fund, which is a non-profit organization that aims to enhance the lives of those affected by this metastasizing disease through support, education, and empowerment. Our motto- cycle, inspire, unite; to cycle 4000+ miles across the United States in 70 days, to inspire and serve as beacons of hope for the young adult cancer community, and to unite communities under a common cause- to join the fight against cancer.

I applied to the 4K in the summer of 2012 and since then, I’ve raised almost $6000 to date. The amount of support I’ve received since the beginning of my fundraising days has been insane. The list includes family members, college friends, choir members from my church, kids I used to patrol when I was in middle school, my mom’s coworkers, grade-school amigos, teachers, mentors, Instagram followers, alumni from my high school alma mater, and even a bacteriophage! I feel like I’ve already made such an impact on the cancer community just by spreading the word about the 4K and the Ulman Cancer Fund. To see that I’ve already made a positive impact in these short couple of months is a tremendous feeling, and I’m excited to see what more I can accomplish when the ride actually starts. I’ve already met a couple of my team members, and they are rockstars. Can’t wait till I get to meet the rest of the team in May during the 4K tribute dinner and training day.

That’s my brief introduction to my 4K journey. Be on the lookout for more updates. There’s a first for everything, and that includes making a blog on wordpress and biking across the US. Let’s hope I can keep this up throughout spring training and the actual ride this summer. I’ll do my best to keep you guys up-to-date and expect tons and tons of picture updates. Till next time, peace!


P.S. Lately the weather has been so bipolar, and consequently so has my style. Who wants to support this cowboy-cyclist-Hawaiian kid bike across the country for cancer? I’m just $160 away from hitting the $6000 point, and I’m trying to reach that goal by the end of March. If you could spare some funds to donate to a worthy cause, I’d appreciate it 🙂


1 thought on “There’s a first for everything.

  1. Anthony — the Mammano Family is so proud of all your accomplishments. Your cycling is just one of many, your commitment and passion to something that is so close to your heart and soul shows the type of character at such a young age that you have. God Bless you on your journey, we are watching and praying for you and the rest of the team.

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