Shave Away: Before & After

3 days… only 3 days left till the 4K sendoff and I’m beyond excited! It’s about time I posted another blog post since the last one was in March. I’ve been swamped with school work, had graduation on my mind, and was busy interviewing for postbac positions the past couple months. Now that I’m finally done with all three, I can now focus all my time on the 4K.

I always had this thought in my mind to shave my head in solidarity for those who have been affected by cancer ever since I signed up for team San Fran last summer. For those who have known me since elementary school, I’ve had the same hairdo since the 4th grade: faux hawk style/Jimmy Neutron hairdo, any variation of the two. It’s been the standard Anthony-do till today, when I asked my cousin to shave away before I left for the 4K (thanks John!).

So I told him to shave the sides off before anything cause I wanted to see how I’d look with an actual mohawk. Transformation in progress.


Mohawk-do, check. At this point, I kept running my hands across my head to check how much hair was cut off. Not gonna lie, I somewhat felt like a rock star and I contemplated keeping it this way, but I was all about shaving the rest off. Shave away.

IMG_1339I heard the buzz of the hair clipper shave away the last patch and the deed was done. Last time I had my hair this short was when I visited my family in the Philippines in 2002, 11 years ago. I couldn’t believe I actually went through with it… and so did some of my family members and friends. It’s definitely much different that what I am used to. But hey, they say change is good and it got the 4K name out there to new potential readers and followers.

(Side note: can anyone guess what painting John and I are trying to mock in the picture with the broom and hair clipper? I’ll send a postcard to the first person that guesses correctly.)

Shaving my head was the least I could do to raise awareness for the cancer population before I leave Baltimore for San Francisco. It’s only the beginning of my journey and I feel like I’ve already made an impact in the cancer community. I can’t wait to see how much I will learn in the next couple of months. I hope to inspire anyone who comes across this blog to fight against something they are passionate about, and that for me is cancer.


Shave away.


5 thoughts on “Shave Away: Before & After

  1. American Gothic is the painting you are mocking!! 😛 Awesome haircut! Good luck on your 4K and have fun! Congrats again on graduating!!

  2. Woo hooo! it turned out nice! i don’t think i’ll be able to make your send-off event but it’s good to know you have a WordPress!!

    Are you imitating American Gothic?! hahaha

  3. OMG YOUR HAIR!!! It looks good!!! I want to see it in person on Sunday, but in the case I can’t make it, good luck!!!!! I’ll def be following your blog!!!

    P.S. I’m not first, but it def seems like American Gothic

  4. That was familiar, I’ve seen that painting when I was in High School, so that should be “American Gothic”. I just didn’t know that title of the painting until today, hahaha.

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