Day 3: Warrenton, VA to Charlottesville, VA
Total Mileage: 71 miles

So a component of the 4K is to have the team members drive the host vans and water vans. Each team member is responsible for driving either during the summer. The job of the water van is to chalk out the first 15 miles so the riders don’t get lost and man water stations so the rest of the team can refill their hydration packs/water bottles and grab some grub to refuel. The host van’s job is to secure food donations for lunch, chalk out the rest of the route, and drive to the host to let them know we’re on ourway. My job today was to drive the water van, and it’s a much different experience than riding all day.


Chalking out the route for the first time wasn’t too bad, until you run into confusing directions on the cue sheet. There’s a little bit of re-routing going on, a lot of reversing, and hazards lights flashing every 3-4 miles to keep the chalker safe from oncoming traffic. My partner in crime today was Caroline. I drove the water van and Caroline chalked. Picture above features Lamie and Carolyn arriving at the first water stop. Funny thing is, Caroline and I got pulled over by the cops, our first run in with the law. As soon as we explained our mission with the 4K, the cop softened up a bit and asked us which routes we were going to take to Charlottesville so the rest of the cops can expect chalking on the road.

IMG_1522IMG_1523Our second water stop/lunch stop was at RAR/Midway Country Store & Deli in Rapidan. The great thing about being in the water van is that you have a lot more time to chat with the owners of local stores. The owners of the Deli (Rob and Mary) were actually from Clinton, MD, very close tomy hometown. The generosity of the people you meet across the country is remarkable. Though you have some not readily to give than others, you can’t give up cause you have an entire team relying on you.


Story time with Will and Zac. Team San Fran, priceless memories, eh?

IMG_1535I honestly felt like a parent driving the water vans today cause I felt responsible for each team member arriving, making sure we had all of the riders accounted for. Caroline and I drove back a couple miles to check up on a team towardsthe last 15 miles cause we were worried they got lost. I guess you could say the riders were our babies for the day, and being the responsible parents, we felt a whole range of emotions: worried, proud, angry, relieved, thrilled. They had a rough day of climbing, and they did it. Couldn’t be any prouder of my 4K family.


IMG_1544And let’s not forget to thank Daisy, who owns Stony Point Market on Stony Point Road. Potential 2014 4K San Fran riders, do take note. She wants the riders to come visit next year!


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