Lynchburg -_-

Day 5: Charlottesville, VA to Lynchburg, VA
Total Mileage: 83 miles

Today’s ride was in dedication to Carolina and Agapito Dienzo, both survivors of breast cancer and lymphoma respectively. Vania is a great friend and I wanted to dedicate today to her parents, especially since it’s her birthday today šŸ™‚

IMG_1688Team San Fran 2012 warned us about the Lynchburg ride and after making it to the host around 7pm, I see why. We rode for 10+ hours, having to deal with excessive rain the entire day, wet roads, banana peels, climbing the Appalachians (Blue Ridge Mountain), and a bunch of re-routing. Not only was it physically draining for the riders, but it was also mentally draining for the van drivers. It was one of the most physically and mentally demanding tasks of my life and I felt so relieved when I saw the host in the distance. I don’t understand how I have the energy to blog after today’s ride, but I have two 2012 team San Fran riders that will hunt me down if I don’t blog everyday (not going to say any names coughALICEDARCYcough šŸ˜‰ haha).

The chalk was getting washed away in the rain, so my team had to be creative and let the other teams know where to turn. Since we were the leaders for the day, we were responsible for making sure other teams don’t get lost. So when we found a faint chalk marking, we got a bunch of grass and wrote 4K on the road. Eventually, the chalkers decided to use banana peels as arrows. Genius idea since they’re easier to see on the road and are also biodegradable.

IMG_1689You get to explore so many things on a bike that you neglect when driving a car or riding an airplane. We found a ton of horse farms in Virginia and Katrina, the horse whisperer, somehow managed to get this horse to come over to the group.

IMG_1712Today was a test of character and cycling will power andI’m glad and blessed to have rode with the team I had today. Team name: the Baby Cruisers… plus Anthony. I rode with the three youngest members of team San Fran 2013: Kevin, Danny, and Katrina and I couldn’t have asked for a better team, especially on a day like today. Hill after hill, re-route after re-route, spotlight after spotlight, we were always there for each other. At one point, I seriously thought I couldn’t make it up the hill and subconsciously yelled out Jabie’s name, who I’m dedicating the entire ride to. I needed the strength, the reassurance, and the encouragement to power up that hill because my legs were telling me no, but my heart was set on finishing. There’s a lot of self-reflection and introspection that goes along during this trip, and you learn so much about testing your limits. When you have someone you fight for, it makes it that much easier to say yes you can, rather than giving up on something. Thanks for watching over me today Jabie, it really means a lot.


Team San Fran 2013.



7 thoughts on “Lynchburg -_-

  1. They don’t call Lynchburg the Hill City and the City of Seven Hills for nothing. You guys Rock! Stay safe, you are an inspiration to us all.

  2. I am friends with Danny Keith’s mom and I am so enjoying checking your blog daily. Thanks for updating this and thanks for being an inspiration to so many! šŸ™‚ Erika Byars P.S. Go Danny!

  3. Thanks for the shout out Anthony! Hehe. Now that you guys have climbed into Lynchburg, you can do anything!!! Bring it on Appalachians and Rockies!!!!

  4. Aww Anthony. This is all really touching. I’m so happy for you. Stay strong and keep being inspirational šŸ™‚

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