Goodbye Lynchburg

Day 6: Lynchburg, VA to Salem, VA
Total Mileage: 58 miles

After the ride to Lynchburg yesterday, I was expecting the worst since we just started at the foothills of the Appalachian. I was kind of dreading the ride today cause I thought it would be a repeat of yesterday. The forecast called for rain all day and the ride directors said we’d be climbing most of the way, so we were expecting Lynchburg Part II. You just got to keep a positive attitude and remember why we’re all riding this cross country trip.

DCIM101GOPROToday’s team name: Team Repeat plus Lamie minus Danny. The way teams were chosen today was based on chance and cards, so the spades were paired with the spades, the hearts with hearts, etc. I ended up getting a spade and so did Katrina and Kevin, which ended up being an exact repeat from the group yesterday minus Danny. This time he was replaced with Lamie, one of our ride directors.

IMG_1725Thanks to Carolyn and Gloria, we got a ton of food donations for lunch. Everything on that table was donated by fast food chains, local markets, chain supermarkets, and other convenience stores we pass along the way. That’s how it works, we try out best to get food donations from different stores so that all the money we’ve fundraised for the Ulman Cancer Fund goes directly toward patients.


So the ride was the exact opposite of what we all expected. The rain stopped 10 miles into the ride and the hills weren’t as steep as yesterday. Sure, we had a couple long incline climbs, but they weren’t as difficult as the Blue Ridge hills. It was a drastic change in environment from Lynchburg, and you could tell in each of the team’s spirits at water stops, lunch, and arrival at our host, Living Water Christian Church. As a team, I feel like we’ve already grown physically and mentally stronger, and it’s only day 6.

So many positives during the trip today, minus our pit stop to Krispy Kreme. Darcy (from Team San Fran 2012) told us today was National Donut Day (meaning free donuts), so she gave me the address to the Krispy Kreme they visited on their way to Salem. We found it on Melrose Avenue and decided to stop by. When we saw the sign initially, it said “let us help with fundraising needs,” which is perfect for our 4K fundraising efforts, but the store closed June 3rd, four days before we arrived. When we looked at the other side of the sign, it said “Closed, looking for a new home.” Go figure. But still, we had a great day regardless of the closed Krispy Kreme, although free donuts after a 58 mile day would have been great.



As a team, I feel like we’ve already grown physically and mentally stronger, and it’s only day 6. 4K Team San Fran 2013, my family for the summer.



5 thoughts on “Goodbye Lynchburg

    • I promise to make up for this sad, sad turn of donut events. I shall redeem myself for causing traumatizing, unresolved donut anticipation at mail drop #1…………;)

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