28 mile breeze.

Day 7: Salem, VA to Christiansburg, VA
Total Mileage: 28 miles (plus 16)

As soon as we heard today was going to be 28 miles, we all assumed we’d be climbing 90 degree inclines (essentially walls) since we’re already in the Appalachians. As predicted by the forecast, the day started off chilly and rainy. We left the host and started to climb immediately. As soon as we reached the top of the incline, there was a huge downhill followed by a flat stretch of land and clearing of weather. Great way to start the day, but we were still waiting for the hills.

Two-fourish miles of steady incline on US460/US11 followed by a mile up Wayside Drive was the struggle, but nothing compares to Lynchburg. I’m comparing everything to Lynchburg now cause that set the standard of high difficulty. If you complete Lynchburg, you can most definitely conquer the rest of the Appalachians.



Today’s team name: Vecycloraptors with Zac, Rachael, and Hilary. We screeched like dinosaurs during breaks and walked like velociraptors while stretching. When you ride with Rachael, you always know there’ll be a ton of spirit. Spirit was especially high today cause she was the first to touch a cow, one of the games we had on our team. Took a couple pit stops at railroad tracks, city signs, and cow farms, then it was off to the host at St. Paul United Methodist Church. Hello Christiansburg!

IMG_1773 IMG_1784

Come to find out, the directors chose a shorter day cause a lot of people were struggling with biomechanics, sore muscles, and knee problems. Since we arrived at the host early, Michael, Abigale, and I decided to bike to Blacksburg to find a bike shop, which added 16 miles to our trip today. According to the mechanic, my seat was a little too high, which contributed to my knee issue. Big thanks to him for fitting my seat for free. I think it helped that we explained to him about the 4K and we were in our cycling gear.  We decided to walk across the street and tour Virginia Tech, then it was back to the host for showers and dinner (pulled pork sandwiches from a local BBQ restaurant, Olive Garden, Cracker Barrell, and Ruby Tuesday). Tough time finding donations for dinner since the host didn’t provide us with it, but we found enough to feed the entire team thanks to Caroline, Hilary, Abigale, and Michael.

IMG_1785 IMG_1810


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