Coast Away.

Day 8: Christiansburg, VA to Marion, VA
Total Mileage: 75 miles

Today’s ride was in dedication to my Tita Mercy, who is a survivor of colon cancer.


It’s crazy to think that we, as a team, consider biking 70+ miles a daily thing now. A week ago, we only knew each other from Facebook and the 4K profile pages, but after spending just seven days together, we consider ourselves family. We’re still climbing the Appalachians, so there were a ton of rolling hills, a couple steep inclines, and scenic landscapes. We’ve all grown as cyclists and learned more about working as a team rather than as individuals. Hills aren’t as difficult to climb and we know we’re responsible for our entire team when securing meals, hosts, and showers.

Today’s team name: Team Coast with Abigale, Sara, Carolyn, and Amy. It’s always great to ride with new team members cause you get to learn much more about them. I mean, you are spending your entire day cycling with them, so conversations are always rolling. Made pit stops to the Radford VA sign, the Rock House Marina, railroad tracks, and took tons of pictures. Sure, our goal is to get from point A to point B, but adding small adventures in between makes the day much more memorable. We spend a good thirty minutes relaxing on the dock of the Rock House Marina today, which is probably a memory I wouldn’t have made had it been for my team members to make the decision to stop by and check it out. Random adventures are a great break from cycling reality.


Our water stops aren’t just for rehydrating and snacks, but also bike maintenance, whether it’s fixing our chains, adjusting our seats, or changing flats.


And I just got to give a special shout-out to Tom from Marion for helping us out. Such a self-less person for helping us find showers after our 75 mile day. He called his friends around the city and asked if they could allow us to use their showers in their homes and even offered up his own house forpeople to stay at and bathe in. I must emphasize again that the generosity of strangers you meet in different cities across the US so far has been overwhelming. An act of kindness like Tom’s goes a long way and we’re extremely grateful for people like him.

Can’t believe it’s already been a week. Time to make more memories. Team San Fran 2013.



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