First century.

Day 15: Jamestown, TN to Mammoth Cave National Park, KY
Total Mileage: 104 miles

Since today was Father’s Day, we all dedicated our rides to our dads and grandpas. Thanks for always being there for us and a special thanks to my dad for being the best.


Lots of firsts today: first century ride, first time visiting Kentucky, first time riding my bike with no handlebars without tipping my bike over, first time crossing into a new time zone on this trip, first time visiting Mammoth Cave National Park, and first time camping with actual wifi (which we call glamping, glamorous camping). Big accomplishment for almost all of our team cause this was the first time a majority of us rode above 100 miles, which we cyclists call a century.

Today’s team name, Tarzan and the Janes with Lamie, Sara, Sasha, and Amy. First 15 miles, we had a 10 mile downhill stretch where Sara and Sasha started yelling like Tarzan. Since I was the only male in the group, I was the Tarzan of the group and the girls were the Janes. Ran into a couple bike malfunctions along the way: flat tire, trouble changing gears, and a dehydrated Kat, which backtracked us a couple hours getting to the host.

IMG_2204DCIM101GOPROWalked up a mile stretch gravel road that had a huge incline. The grade must have been at least 20%, cause we were struggling to get to lunch. The road itself was not fit for our bikes, so we had to hop off them and walk to the lunch stop. We were all struggling to get up the mountain and doing our best to rush to lunch, but the inclines made our trip longer than expected. After lunch, I was getting a bit “hosty,” a mentality we 4Kers sometimes get into when all we want to do is get to the host. 45 miles to go after lunch and it was already past 3:30PM. I wanted to make sure we got to Mammoth Cave National Park before dark, so I sped my way to the next water stops without much talking to my team members. We made it right before the sunset, so I was relieved. Looked down at my bike computer and saw 104 miles completed that day, first century done.

IMG_2216We camped at Mammoth Cave National Park with the tents the 4K provided us with. Big thanks to Kat for the warm shower token and to those that got sandwiches, pizza, and smores donated to us for dinner. Sore knees, but we made it to the National Park.



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