Speed Cycling.

Day 14: Knoxville, TN to Jamestown, TN
Total Mileage: 83 miles

A day of rest can really make a difference in how you ride, cause today we all cruised. I can’t emphasize this enough, biking the Appalachians the first week really made us stronger riders, and I think we all could see it in our performance today. Rolling hills weren’t as tough, long inclines were climbed faster, and we all had good cadences on long straighaways. The only thing I don’t like about Tennessee so far are the dogs that chase you while you’re riding. Other than that, Tennessee’s been a lot of fun.

We were a bit spoiled today in terms of food donations. The volunteers from St. James Episcopal Church had muffins and pastries for us this morning, Lauren got us Chipotle donated for lunch (my favorite), and the Deer Lodge Congregational Church treated us with ice cream.


When the leg leaders and ride directors were securing a host in Jamestown, we had two potential locations, Jamestown First United Methodist Church and the Deer Lodge Congregational Church. The First United Methodist Church got back to us first, so we decided to take up their offer in hosting us for the night. The Deer Lodge Congregational Church members were still eager to meet up with us, so they arranged an ice cream social for us. Michael explained to the church members about the 4K, while we all talked to the other members about our connection with the cancer community. They even made a sign for us to welcome us to their community.


Today’s team name: Casey’s Draft with Michael, Danny, Casey, and Caroline. We were booking it the entire time today, averaging around 14.5 MPH. Like I said in an earlier post, Casey is a speed demon. During the last stretch after our water break, she cruised and we drafted behind her the entire time. I’ve never biked 83 miles so fast in my entire life.


Team San Fran 2013.



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