Good actions give strength to ourselves and inspire good actions in others.

Day 18: Nashville, TN to Hopkinsville, KY
Total Mileage: 70 miles

Today, Amy and I were scheduled to drive the host van. A little information about what we do as host van drivers: our responsibility is to secure a lunch donation so that our riders have something to eat, which means we have to find food for 26 4K riders. Once we have the food donation secured, we chalk out the rest of the route to the host. The water van drivers chalk the first couple of water stops so the riders can rehydrate and grab some snacks to replenish.

The first three restaurants we tried asking couldn’t help out with food donations, which was a bit frustrating, especially since it was our first time driving the host van. Being responsible of finding lunch for 24 other team members can get pretty stressful, since the entire team relies on you. We do our best in finding restaurants that can contribute to our 4K mission, so that the money we have fundraised can all go to the Ulman Cancer Fund.

Driving through the back roads, you don’t find many fast food chains and local restaurants. Amy and I decided to hop onto I-24 and found a location that had a couple restaurants and supermarkets bunched in one area. We scored 2 dozen donuts from Dunkin Donuts, 10 chicken sandwiches and 10 chicken wraps from Sonic, 10 footlong subs from Subway, and a ton of groceries from Dollar General Market (5 loaves of bread, a bunch of bananas, 6 tubs of peanut butter, and at least 8 boxes of granola bars). We even scored a box of hydroponic grown tomatoes from a local farm thanks to Caiti, Kevin, Michael, and Danny. It was pure coincidence that they got a flat right in front of the tomato farm, which also happened to be the location where the water van broke down. The owner of the farm helped jump start the car and after hearing about the 4K, gave a quick tour of his farm and offered us a box of tomatoes, which were delicious.


Will and Katrina (the water van drivers) had to take the water van to a gas station so that it could be towed away, which left Amy and I responsible for the water. Fortunately, we had Katrina on our team to diagnose the issue to find out we had a broken alternator (thank you Papa Quintal as well). So Amy and I dropped off the duffles and bags to the host and went into Hopkinsville to pick up Will and Katrina at the Enterprise. Turns out the Midwest is all out of van rentals, so now we’re left with a water sedan.


Since we were already in downtown Hopkinsville, we decided to try our luck at Sandwiches and Ice Cream to get a cake donated to us since tomorrow is Casey’s birthday. Guess luck was on our side cause we got two oreo ice cream cakes and a quart of vanilla ice cream donated to us. Called a team meeting to surprise Casey with the early birthday present.


Big shout out to our host, St. John United Methodist Church for wonderful hospitality and a hearty dinner. And another big thanks to Tim and Jason from Bikes & Moore for helping out with our bike maintenance and issues. Couldn’t have asked for a better crew (that includes you Kevin!). Check out their website:


Oh, and this goes out to you Carolyn. Moo!



2 thoughts on “Good actions give strength to ourselves and inspire good actions in others.

  1. So proud of all of you. Love the pictures.It’s nice being able to see how you all have become like family. Anthony thanks for taking some pics of Amy it eases my mind a bit!

  2. Oh no! Water sedan, eh? Have you guys named the cars yet? 😉 We named one of our 15 passengers Big Bear in honor of the stuffed teddy bear we bought in Warrenton, VA. We took pictures of San Fran Bear doing crazy things all over the country, then mailed him to a 15 year old cancer patient we had met along the way who’d asked us to send her post cards!

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