134 miles, longest ride in 4K history.

Day 19: Hopkinsville, KY to Marion, Il
Total Mileage: 134 miles

We all knew today would be the longest ride of the trip, so many of us were mentally prepared. No mountains and no steep climbs, but the distance and heat added to the difficulty of what we had to face. We took it one step at a time, using water stops and lunch as our incentives and checkpoints. Every 20 miles or so, we got to fill up on water and grab some snacks. Around mile 65, we finally had our lunch stop, which meant we were a little more than half way done. Some things that go on during the 4K are unexplainable, like Abigale holding onto the hood of the SAG wagon as they roll out of the driveway to chalk the rest of the route.


Today’s team name: Where’s Willary? with Amy, Carolyn, Will, and Hilary. At one point, we were a man down before the lunch break. Will powered through the first couple of hills after the first water stop and got a great cadence going, which got him 3 miles ahead of us. Getting in contact with people can be difficult, especially in areas that don’t have a lot of service, so we were a bit worried we lost him cause he didn’t respond to our texts/phone calls. Fortunately, we found him at the lunch spot. After crossing into Illinois and riding on IL-13 for what felt like thousands of miles, Hilary got ahead of us and zoomed her way to the host. I’m thinking she felt a bit “hosty,” cause I was the same way during our first century. For some odd reason, getting “hosty” gives you a burst of energy and a renewed focus on finishing the day. You get a great pace going and you power through the hills like their flat stretches.


According to my bike computer, we did over 134 miles today, which is what the 4K considers to be the longest ride in 4K history. Team San Fran 2013 breaking records!


A huge thanks to Mike, who is a two time cancer survivor and a member of the first Baptist Church in Marion, IL. He bought hotel rooms and donated dinner for the entire team. A very selfless act for providing us this great treat, and we are extremely grateful for his generosity. Last time I slept on a bed was the night before sendoff, so this truly was the best thing we could all ask for after riding 134-135 miles.


I tried blogging last night since I had wifi, but as soon as I hopped onto my very own bed (with four pillows and a huge down comforter), I passed out immediately. Best sleep I’ve gotten the entire trip! And look at Amy with goodies from her care package and hotel bed. The look on her face is the look on all our faces last night. Such a great way to end the longest ride in 4K history.



2 thoughts on “134 miles, longest ride in 4K history.

  1. Glad you all got a good night sleep. What a wonderful gesture of kindness. 134 miles WOW go team San Fransisco! Amy you look so happy and I’m glad you got your goodie box. Happy trails!

  2. Great story, Anthony. Glad you all got to hit the sack in a nice comfy bed. What a fantastic ride your day was. Keep on pushing. We are all cheering you along the way. God bless.

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