Flats everywhere.

Day 23: St. Louis, MO to Montgomery City, MO
Total Mileage: 97 miles

After spending two nights at Wash U and not having to worry about rolling out your sleeping bag and blowing up your sleeping pad, it took much longer than usual rolling out of our host. Waking up in a tempurpedic bed after spending the last couple of weeks sleeping on the floor was pretty hard, so a ton of us snoozed through our alarms and slept past 6AM, which meant a late start to our day.

Today’s ride was supposed to be 85 miles, but we ended up getting lost a couple of times and had to reroute ourselves, which added 12 miles to our total, almost a surprise century. Early on in the ride, the chalking and group text messages confused a lot of riders, which resulted in a lot of backtracking and looking up directions on our phone GPS. Abigale and I made it a tradition for us to take pictures in front of all the universities we visit, and our first detour led us to the Wash U sign.

IMG_2509Got to give a special shoutout to Alex, a 4K alumnus from team San Fran 2012, who spent the past 3 days with us. He rode with us from Farmington to St. Louis, took a couple kids out to see the city/movies, offered great suggestions to our team, shuttled riders left and right to riders that got flats on our way to Montgomery City, and was an overall great addition to our team. If you’re reading this Alex, come to San Fran for the arrival ceremony, the whole team would love to see you there.

IMG_2508Today’s team name: the A team with Abigale, Sasha, Kat, and Sara. It was an interesting group, mainly cause two members dropped out before the first water stop due to flats. From the get-go, Kat started off the day with 3 flats and Abigale with 1. A couple miles before the first water stop, Sara got her 8th flat of the trip on the same tire. Kat and Sara were shuttled to the bike store thanks to Alex. The issue with their tires is that the rim strips were poking holes in their bike tubes, so they had to get new ones donated, which Kat did a great job convincing the bike manager to donate a couple 😉 So we were down to three. 4 miles from the lunch stop, I got a flat on Old Missouri 79-N and it had nothing to do with the rim strip. I was riding on the shoulder that had a ton of debris from rocks and trucks and got my tire caught on something very sharp. As soon as I ran over it, I heard the tube burst and knew immediately that both the tube and tire were damaged. I could literally stick my finger from one side to the other on my tire, that’s how bad the tire slash was. I had to call the water van to get a tire replacement, so I took Caroline’s back tire and continued on till lunch, where Kat and Sara joined the group.

IMG_2516It’s always great to have a mini-break in between water stops and these girls picked a perfect spot for one. Taking pictures right in the middle of a wheat field is a total 4K thing. It was a long day full of unexpected flats and reroutes, but I had the company of my team to keep me entertained and sane. And gotta give props to Kat for always being so optimistic and positive 🙂

IMG_2522I forgot to mention, we finally got a mini-van in exchange for our water sedan in St. Louis yesterday. It looks exactly like our original water van, but in black. Much more convenient and a definite necessity for our team. Thanks Lamie and Dany for picking it up!

Oh, and one more thing before I go to sleep, Danny’s parents call my Go-Pro selfie team shots the “AV shots” for “Anthony Venida shots.” They came up to me yesterday and asked to take an AV shot with them, which I was stoked to take. Guess from now on, I’m calling them AV shots!

Team San Fran 2013 (with Alex).



3 thoughts on “Flats everywhere.

  1. I second Anthony’s request. ALEX DRESSLER COME TO SF!!!! I’ll definitely see you all there! Love catching up with Team SF 2013. Thanks again for the awesome blogging Anthony!

  2. Anthony…”Selfies” will forever be “AV Shots” in our family from this day forward! We are SO THANKFUL for all of your amazing photos and your blog…checking out what’s new on The Cycling Wayfarer has become one of the highlights of our day!

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