Day 24: Montgomery City, MO to Boonville, MO
Total Mileage: 90 miles

Today’s ride was in dedication to Norma Saraza, my friend Paulina’s grandmother, who passed away from colon cancer.

IMG_2552Can’t believe it’s already the first day of leg 2, which means 24 days down and 46 to go. Time flies fast when you’re relaxing at the host, but when it comes down to biking business, minutes can feel like hours when you’re out cycling in the sun and up hills. Arriving at the host is one of the best feelings cause it means you’ve completed the day, dinner is waiting for you (sometimes), and you have sleep to look forward to. It’s become a cycle.

IMG_2549Just wanted to give a special shout out to the members of Reach Community Church in Montgomery City for providing us with such warm hospitality the minute we arrived last night. They provided us with warm showers, dinner and breakfast, and a roof to stay under for the night. We as a team really appreciate all the warmth and generosity from the Reach community and thank you for such kindness.

DCIM101GOPROToday’s team name: Team Survivor with Casey, Abigale, Lamie, and Carolyn. We had two members of today’steam voted off the island cause of flats. Carolyn and Lamie have had problems withtheir rim strips the past couple of days, so as soon as they heard the air release from their tube during water breaks, they were out. We all have to keep in mind that since so many people are constantly going through tubes and we have a limited number in supply, it’s not worth going through 2+ tubes at each water stop for each rider. Carolyn had almost 4 flats yesterday cause she needed new rim strips, so we voted her into the van so we wouldn’t go through any more tubes. Lamie had the same problem after lunch, so she got voted off the island, which left Abigale, Casey, and me sprinting towards Boonville. The three ofus actually found a bike shop along our route that donated 21 rim strips to us. The last 10 miles of the day were brutal; nothing but road, cars, and sun for miles, which made that last stretch mentally draining. I guess this is what Kansas will be like. We’re coming for you.

IMG_2562Getting to the host in Boonville was totally worth it cause we finally got to go swimming and had Chipotle and Noodles & Company donated to us for dinner. Jumping into a pool after riding 9+ hours in the scorching heat is the best remedy for us riders.

DCIM101GOPROI almost forgot, before lunch, we stopped by Nostalgiaville, USA in Missouri. Great vintage store that had a ton of throwback memorabilia. 4K riding in style!



2 thoughts on “Boonville.

  1. You guys are awesome! You are an inspiration to all us that are in this battle! Stay strong, and be safe! Love u all!

  2. Hey, this is Kevin L-G’s mom. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy and look forward to your blogs. They really give everyone a feel for what your days are like and the humor and photos are much appreciated. THANK YOU!!! You are all amazing!!!!

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