Flats on flats on flats.

Day 25: Boonville, MO to Concordia, MO
Total mileage: 58 miles

We were having a tough time securing a host in Sweet Springs, calling all churches, firehouses, and any other potential hosts, but had no luck. We told our host in Montgomery City about our dilemma, and they directed us to Concordia, where we found a host at Concordia Community Center, so another big thanks to their suggestion.

IMG_2580Had a slow start to the day mainly cause everyone was getting flats for some odd reason before the day even began. Not sure ifit’s an issue of the tubes or the rim strips, but it’s an issue that’s really frustrating. Whenever we hear a tire deflate, we all cringe at the sound of air releasing from the tube cause we all don’t want it to be from our bike. People that never had flats were getting flats today. We’re down to three people on our team that have survived without changing their tire tubes. It’s gonna happen eventually guys, so beware and enjoy your flatless journey thusfar 😉

IMG_2572One thing about the 4K is that you run into two types of dogs: those that love you and those that chase you down, which can be really terrifying. We ran into a pup at our lunch stop today that couldn’t get enough of us.

IMG_2576Today’s team name: No Flats with Will, Dany, and Abigale (3 days in a row). We were told by the leg leaders that today would be less than 60 miles, assuming there were no reroutes. Fortunately, we didn’t run into any gravel roads and the chalkers didn’t have to find an alternate route, which made our total 58 miles. The route was full of rolling hills again, but this time we had to worry about headwinds and of course, the scorching heat, signs that Kansas is right around the corner. The 4K alumni told us Kansas was the hardest state to cross cause people start to lose their minds from the heat, lack of trees, and headwinds. The only thing that will make Kansas bearable is that we cross into Colorado, which is the state I’m most excited about.


We finished the day before 4:30PM today even with a late start. Didn’t realize factoring headwinds made such a difference in the time we ride till today. The heat and winds do exhaust you physically and mentally, which is why it’s important to keep each other entertained either through games or conversations with teammates. We’re all here to help each other out, and that’s what’s so great about having the 4K as your family.

We are 4K.



1 thought on “Flats on flats on flats.

  1. Definitely rim strips… we never had that many flats!!! Try to look into getting them replaced? I hear from Z that is the problem with this year’s bikes. Keep up the great work!!! ❤ 4K family.

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