A taste of the Kansas Headwinds.

Day 28: Lawrence, KN to Manhattan, KN
Total Mileage: 86 miles

Today’s ride was in dedication to Angel Reeves, Adam’s mom, who we met yesterday at the scholarship presentation at KU.

IMG_2689Second day in Kansas and the worst part of it was the headwinds. Didn’t experience the Kansas heat that all the alumni were talking about and I’m not complaining one bit. I guess we lucked out with the weather cause having both headwinds and hot weather would have made us suffer. Overall, not a tough day, but the winds did make it a bit difficult. Even though the terrain was fairly flat, it felt as if we were climbing the entire time because we had wind gusts up to 24 mph. I was literally leaning to the right to counterbalance the strong gusts. I’m pretty sure today was the most I’ve ever eaten at water stops and lunch stop and I think it’s cause I was expending more energy pedaling through the wind. What makes riding in the wind a bit easier is draftingbehind the cyclists in front of you. Caiti and I drafted a bit today, which helped a lot. And seeing these lovely faces made the day go by quicker:

IMG_2718Today’s team name: Cougar and the Boys with ZZ-top, Nick, and Caiti. Groups were based on age and Caiti ended up being the only 23 year old in the 22 year old group, which made her our cougar haha. Early on in our route, two groups (including my group), missed a turn, which added 2 extra miles. After we passed Topeka, we missed another turn onto US-24 cause we thought it was a busy interstate. Turns out we were supposed to turn onto that route, but kept going the wrong way regardless. Team Cougar and the Boys and the Drafting Divas eventually got onto US-24, which added an extra 4-5 miles to our route. Even with the extra miles, our group ended up getting to First Christian Church (our host) in Manhattan first.

Before lunch, three groups got caught up between a set of 10 train tracks, so we decided to take this as a photo opportunity for all three teams.


Along the way, we caught up to another cyclist who’s also doing a cross country trip. He’s an ex-marine traveling from Key West, FL to Seattle, WA.


Team San Fran 2013.DCIM101GOPRO


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