I’m going to Wichita.

Day 30: Salina, KS to Wichita, KS
Total Mileage: 91 miles

First off, great news! Adam texted me today and told me his mother got back all her biopsy tests today and was declared 100% cancer free.

Since we stayed at the same host as the runners last night, we got a taste of their daily morning routine, which meant waking up at 4:30AM. They are much more efficient in time when it comes to packing the vans, eating breakfast, getting ready for dedication circle, and rolling out. It normally takes us around 2 hours to get ready and start the day, while it only takes them about an hour. They wake up much earlier than us so they can finish their day before it gets too hot outside, so they usually roll into the host around noonish. After our joint dedication circle, they rolled out while we still had to wait a bit cause the sun wasn’t out yet. Like I said before, we can’t bike before the sun rises cause most of us don’t have lights on our bikes. Just by observing their daily routines and comparing it to team San Fran, you can see how much control the team has in organizing our very own 4K experience, which is the beauty of having team individuality. We may experience the 4K in different ways, but in the end we fight for the same cause.

So far, we’ve lucked out big time in Kansas, especially with today’s ride. The high temperature today was 81 degrees and we had a tailwind helping us out for a majority of the ride. It’s actually been one of the easiest states to ride in so far, but things may change cause we still have 4 days left in Kansas. The alumni said watch out for the Kansas heat, yet we were complaining how cold it was in the morning. We left the host a little after 6AM and it was around 53 degrees with the sun still beyond the horizon. We were all freezing and were dreading downhills cause of the cool air. One team had to stop before the first mile at a gas station to get coffee, where they unexpectedly got donuts donated.

IMG_2770Today’s team name: Purple Parrots with Abigale, Katrina, and Rachael. Ali has been great in randomly organizing teams, and today we just picked groups out of a hat to randomize things. Even though the ride was chilly in the morning, we had a great day. We were on one road for almost 80 miles and for the most part, it was completely flat. Better yet, the tailwind helped us out a lot. The ride today was lots and lots of singing (the Rachael and Anthony cyclical), riding our bikes with no hands for a majority of the ride, and just a lot of getting to know each other. It was a great ride and probably one of the easiest of the trip. We did 64 miles before noon and didn’t need a water stop for the rest of the trip.IMG_2771After 91 miles, we got to Friends University (our host) around 2 and even got an interview with their school newspaper thanks to Kat.


IMG_2784We explored downtown Wichita with the entire team (minus one) for the night and had a great karaoke night.


Ohh, and here’s Gloria.



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