Run and Bike.



Day 29: Manhattan, KN to Salina, KN
Total Mileage: 74 miles

Today’s ride was indedication to Skip Marth, who passed away from lung cancer.

IMG_2724Today’s ride was supposed to be close to a century, but after Hilary and the ride directors routed out the directions last night, it ended up being closer to 70. They found a way that cut the distance by almost 14 miles by traveling through Fort Riley, a military base. The night before, they told us to wake up at 4AM, so when Casey woke up the team at 5:30AM, a lot of people were scrambling to get ready cause they thought they overslept. They sent a group text when a majority of the team was asleep saying the 4AM wake up time was a false alarm.

Michael had a special request for the team. After spending some time planning out the route last night, he spent extra time making signs for the team to hold up for his buddy Jeff, who was recently diagnosed with cancer and started his first day of treatment today.IMG_2721Today’s team name: Double Flats with Lauren, Will, and Michael. Teams were arranged by the number of flats each biker got since day one. There were five groups: 1 flat, 2 flats, 3 flats, 4-5 flats, and the too many to count flat group (6+, where Sara had her 11th after today’s ride). Coincidentally, the three riders that had zero flats were all scheduled to drive today. Again, we lucked out on the Kansas heat and winds. It was literally one of the best days to ride since we barely had a headwind and the high of today was 83 with clouds. At one point, we actually had atailwind help us out on the flat stretches. Team Double Flats averaged about 15 mph, whichmade the 71 miles fly even with a late start to the day. Right now, Kansas has been the easiest state to cycle through so far. We’ve lucked out. Don’t let me down Kansas!

IMG_2731We had the privilege of meeting up with the 4K Run Across America team at Oakdale Park in Salina to present a scholarship to Ashley, who is a survivor of non-hodgkin lymphoma. She’s actually the pedal pal to one of our team members, Casey. The 4K Run is done in a relay style, where they average about 120-130 miles a day as a team. The run lasts for 30 days, where it starts in San Francisco and ends in Baltimore. One of the 4K runners actually biked to Seattle last summer with the 4K for Cancer and rode with us from Oakdale Park to New Community Christian Church, go Lindsay!


And then there’s haircut day for Kevin, Danny, and Michael. Kevin had the awesome idea of shaving 4K on the back of his head. Check out the pictures. 4K, OK!IMG_2752



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