A Day of Rest.


Day 34: Dodge City, KS to Syracuse, KS
Total Mileage: 105 miles

So remember how I thought going to bed would make me feel a lot better? Well, that wasn’t the case cause I woke up with a sore throat, congested nose, and a splitting headache. The team could tell I was sick just by looking at me and hearing me attempt to talk. I think there’s an illness going around the team, which took me as its next victim. Being sick is not ideal, especially when you just want to get on your bike and ride. I decided taking a rest day was best for my health, so I switched van days with the wonderful Ali Straub. I love my team cause as soon as they found out I was sick, they offered me all types of medication and cough drops to help out as much as possible. They’re the best 🙂

DCIM101GOPROSo I decided to stay in the water van with Rachael and Hilary for the day. From the looks of it, they had a really tough day cause of the Kansas dry heat and strong crosswinds and headwinds. Trying to ride over a century while you’re sick is not a great idea. Rachael insisted I rest all day while I kept trying to help out with the water stops. I completely slept through the first water stop and finally woke up from my nap when they stopped for the second water stop. I was already feeling a lot better than when I woke up this morning. We were waiting a bit for the last group to arrive, so to kill time, we decided to take a ton of pictures, which led to our levitation series (inspired by yowayowa camera diary http://yowayowacamera.com/). First shot inspired by the strong winds of Kansas and how those gusts can literally blow you over.


IMG_2915After we found a spot for lunch, we had to wait a while for the last group to arrive. They had a coffee pit stop in the morning and had a couple flats that delayed them from getting to the water stops while the other groups were there. Right before we were about to pack up and pick them up, we saw them roll up into the lunch stop on a tow truck with their bikes strapped to the back. Ali, Julie, Caiti, and Abigale hitched an 11 mile ride to the water stop cause at one point they were 20 miles from the first group.

IMG_2959Those last couple of miles for the riders today were brutal. I’m sure the wind gusts went up to over 30 mph at some points, with absolutely no tail winds to help out. They all finished in great time, and I’m proud of them for getting to Syracuse before the sun set. We also crossed into a new time zone: mountain standard time zone. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, our water van’s car battery died during our water stop cause we kept playing music while the engine was off. It took 6 trucks for Rachael to flag down till someone finally decided to help us out and jump the car.

IMG_2963Got to the host feeling strong enough to ride tomorrow. A day of rest really helps out and a positive attitude helps you through it… although I’m sure the Sudafed, emergen-c, and cough drops helped out a lot as well.


1 thought on “A Day of Rest.

  1. I hope you feel better. We miss you very much. 4K RIDERS we are very proud for all the things you’ve done in the community. Be SAFE and stay HEALTHY. We love you all.

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