Welcome to Colorful Colorado.


Day 35: Syracuse, KS to Las Animas, CO
Total Mileage: 86 miles

Today’s ride is in dedication to my pedal pal, Barry Sherry, who just celebrated his birthday yesterday. Even with a broken collarbone, he continues to cycle. He’s over three years cancer free and rode with team San Fran on the first day.

IMG_2968Can’t believe I’m already saying this, but we’re already 35 days into the 4K, which means we’re at the half way point. It’s insane, I didn’t expect time to fly so fast! Maryland and Virginia seems like eons ago and our days in Tennessee and Kentucky are all a blur. It’s great to have pictures and journal entries that remind you of how each day went, how many miles you rode, and the struggles you endured throughout the trip. I write for myself, I write for my family, I write for the parents, and I write for all that are interested in our 4K adventures. We’ve all had such a great experience so far and we still have half the country to explore. Biking, it’s kinda what we do.


The day of rest helped out immensely cause I woke up feeling refreshed with an unyielding urge to ride, especially since we crossed into Colorado today! I’ve been looking forward to cycling through Colorado since I signed up for this route. They say Eastern Colorado is just like Western Kansas in terms of terrain, weather, and winds, but the fact that we finally made it to Colorado made the ride that much more sweeter. We passed the “Leaving Kansas Come Again” sign, but I’m not sure a majority of us want to go back. Maybe in a car, but the last couple of days in Kansas were rough. Eastern Kansas treated us like royalty and Western Kansas like dirt. But it’s okay, cause we saw the “Welcome to Colorful Colorado” sign in the distance!DCIM101GOPRO

IMG_3005Today’s team name: team presidential with Zac (Bill Clinton), Danny Boy (Hillary Clinton), Abigale (JFK), andAli (Jackie-O). Teams today were based off of duos/couples and trios/love triangles. Zac was Bill Clinton, Danny Boy was Hillary Clinton, and I was Monica Lewinsky, the love triangle. Abigale chose JFK and Ali got Jackie-O, so we decided to combine our groups to make it team presidential. Strong group of riders today with only 1 flat. We left the host in the morning last and got to Las Animas first, which meant we got to go to the swimming pool first. Being on land is great, but after riding your bike for over 2000 miles and using the same muscles over and over again, it begins to get mundane. Swimming pools are our best friends!
DCIM101GOPROOne of the teams had a major issue with flats this morning, which delayed their arrival at the water and lunch stops. So to catch up, the group hitched a 22-mile ride to lunch. A group of girls hitching a ride over a group of guys is more feasible, so luckily their group was all girls haha.


Major thanks to First Presbyterian Church for hosting us, providing us with meals, and paying for our swimming pool session. It’s great to have the support of so many different communities across the US.


Two more of the levitation series shot. I think we may make this a daily thing in each city we pass. Hope you all are enjoying them.

IMG_2969IMG_2974And of course, Happy Birthday Katrina!



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