We’re off to see the Wizard.

Day 32: Wichita, KS to Pratt, KS
Total Mileage: 83 miles

Is it not a 4K team San Fran thing to say that I’m really enjoying Kansas… cause oddly enough, I am and so is the rest of the team. Maybe I’m not far enough west where it’s much hotter or where the headwinds are much stronger. I really don’t know much about Kansas other than the Wizard of Oz and what people have told me. Regardless, we’re all enjoying our time here and the weather has been in our favor so far. I guess you can say we’re pretty fortunate compared to last year’s team, where the heat index every single day was above 100 degrees in Kansas. We still have till July 6th until we reach Colorado, so we’re all hoping Kansas continues to shower us with great weather and tailwinds.

DCIM101GOPROLike the last time we rode, the day started off chilly with barely any sun. Had a slight drizzle in the morning, but it was a passing rain. The water van gauges the weather to see where the first water stop should be: if it’s very hot and the terrain is tough, water stops are usually about every 15 miles. Today was smooth sailing with terrific morning weather, so our first water stop was at 23 miles.

IMG_2813Fun fact about team San Fran 2013: Rachael has fallen more times on her feet than she has on her bike. That smiling face was all humiliation two minutes before I took this picture. We got a clumsy White Lightning on the team!

IMG_2810Chalking directions in Kansas is probably one of the more easy jobs cause we stay on one road for 70+ miles until we reach our city destination. It’s always better to double check directions and make sure we’re heading west, cause it’s easy to think you’re going the right direction but actually going the opposite. If you have Danny Cicada on your team, no need to worry about getting lost cause he always checks his phone for directions.

IMG_2815Today’s team name: Wizard of Oz with Danny Cicada, Carolyn, Zac, and Kat. The way Ali randomized groups today were based off of bands, tv shows, and movies. I picked “tin man” from the hat and had to find the rest of the Wizard of Oz crew. Danny was Dorothy, Carolyn was Toto, Zac was the scarecrow, and Kat was lion man. The other groups were Beatles (and Yoko Ono), Ninja Turtles, Sex and the City (which coincidentally ended up being all girls), and NSYNC. Great team dynamic on a fairly simple day. Lots and lots of talking, biking with no hands, and super grouping our way to the host. The groups were all fairly close in proximity, which made the water van’s job that much easier. Of course there was a reroute, but that’s expected of the 4K. It’s kinda what we do. Before arriving at the host, the Wizard of Oz crew decided to stop by and stock up on fireworks for the team. It’s insane to thing that we’ve been at it for over a month and that 4th of July is already tomorrow. Bought sparklers, roman candles, and some $25 fireworks (thanks ZZ) for the team.

IMG_2817The ride into Dodge City tomorrow is about to be Americafied by team San Fran 2013.


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