Balloon Ourselves Across America

Day 42: Kremmling, CO to Silverthorne, CO
Total Mileage: 39 miles

One of the locals in the area told a team member about an annual festival they had in a town 64 miles away from Silverthorne. It was a Balloon Rodeo in Steamboat Springs, CO. Most of us have never seen a festival where they set off hot air balloons so as a team, we voted on waking up at 4:30 AM so we could make the 7AM launch of all the hot air balloons. Most of us just passed out in the car on our way to Steamboat Springs, so by the time we all woke up, we were already there.IMG_3713Unfortunately, the weather was not prime for setting off the hot air balloons all at once, but they did set them off sporadically. We saw one of the balloon saddles touch the lake and got a 4K shout out from the DJ hosting the event. We actually met a couple people from Maryland and a few of them personally knew Doug Ulman and his cancer fund. We really do live in a small world. Since we were at the balloon festival, we left the host around 11AM, much later than normal. We were joined by two guests today: Alex and Dan, who are friends of Lamie from college. We weren’t too worried about starting theday late, since we knew our host in Silverthorne was less than 40 miles away.


Special shout out to Marisa, who rode with us the past couple of days. She’s best friends with Ali and very good friends with Kat, Caiti, and Julie. A champ at heart, especially since she contributed so much to the team and climbed Trail Ridge Road with us. Definitely an honorary 4K Team San Fran 2013 member.

IMG_3729Today’s team name: Michael, Colorado, and the Girls with Michael, Kevin, Amy, and Sara. We got to choose our own teams today and I made sure I rode with Kevin cause we both bought awesome Colorado jerseys in Boulder and haven’t ridden with each other since Virginia. Overall, not a bad day. There were a couple climbs along our path, but nothing we haven’t seen before. At our only water stop in an animal observation area, we did a small hike to a rundown bridge. From there, it was only about 19 miles to our host. Had great conversations, which made our ride go that much faster.IMG_3750I had to borrow Caiti’s back tire since there was an issue with my tire from the day before. I threw away the tire that got a flat on Trail Ridge Road since Kevin (our mechanic) said it was not salvageable. Not entirely sure what the issue was with my bike, so I decided to change my rim strips for the first time and buy gatorskins. Lets hope I don’t get a flat tomorrow. There werea bunch of outdoor/camping/biking outlets in Silverthorne, so I had no problem finding a place that sold the tires I wanted. We even found a Pearl Izumi outlet less than 2 miles from our host.

A big shout out to Ardy for hosting the entire team in his vacation house and to Abigale for securing our awesome host. First official homestay of the trip, and it was great! Amazing food, great hospitality, and incredible view of the mountains.IMG_3752


Team San Fran 2013.



1 thought on “Balloon Ourselves Across America

  1. yay thanks for the shout out- i had the best time with you guys climbing up mountains and experiencing everything about the 4K! also now that i’ve found your blog i’m definitely going to stalk your adventures for the rest of the journey..!

    tell everyone i said hello and i miss them already!

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