Got Oxygen?

Day 48: Rest Day in Moab

So I finally slept past 10 on a rest day. Usually, my body naturally wakes up around 7 at the latest. Guess my circadian rhythm is set to 4K standards! But since we were out last night celebrating Will’s birthday, the extra sleep was needed. We’ve got a pretty talented team that sings Bohemian Rhapsody real well.

IMG_4338I decided to bike with Sara, Amy, and Abigale to explore Moab and see what we could find. They call Moab the Mountain Bike Capital of the US and I can see why. So many bike paths through the canyons, so many bike stores, and so many fat tires. They don’t have many “skinny tire” riders in Moab, but that doesn’t mean road bikes aren’t welcomed. I decided to visit Rim Cyclery and Chile Pepper Bike Shop in search of new back tires, and found Armadillos for my back tire at Rim Cyclery, who were kind enough to offer 15% off my entire purchase because of what we were doing.

IMG_4355We decided to have Will’s birthday at Moab Brewery, where we got $5 off of everyone’s meals donated to the team. Nick’s family came to visit Moab the time we were there and met up with us at the Brewery. Big thanks to Nick’s dad for buying the team a round of drinks. The Giraldo-Wingler family is a huge supporter of the 4K. Ana, Nick’s older sister, did team San Fran last year and Gabriel, his younger brother, is going to sign up for the 4K after he graduates in a couple years.

IMG_4429Decided to check out Arches National Park after dinner. When in Moab, check out the Delicate Arch! It was getting late, so we didn’t have enough time to hike 3 miles to the underside of Delicate Arch, but we did get to the overlook where the arches were visible. The arches are a unique variety of unique geological formations.

IMG_4409IMG_4383IMG_4357Funny story, I was reading one of the information signs they had at the beginning of the first overlook we passed and a man comes up to me and says, “the answer is yes” twice. A bit confused, I thought maybe I was accidentally speaking my thoughts out loud and asked a question subconsciously. Then I realized I was wearing my Rocky Mountain National Park shirt that said “Got Oxygen?” on the back. I turned around and the man was carrying an oxygen tank!


1 thought on “Got Oxygen?

  1. Hi Anthony. I am really enjoying your detailed comments and pictures of your ride. I have “borrowed” a few of your pictures to use in our church newsletter here at the Paonia Methodist Church. We enjoyed your team’s visit so very much and just admire you all for what you are doing. Continue to ride safely as you observe God’s beautiful creation in Utah. You are in my prayers daily. Give my best regards to your team. Sharon Compton (the ice cream lady) Paonia, Colorado

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