Best Host Van Ever.

Day 56: Cedar City, UT to Milford, UT
Total Mileage: 62 miles

Linda and Ed cooked us a great breakfast before we had to meet up with the rest of the team at True Life Center. Again, I can’t thank them both enough for taking us in for the night. We truly appreciate the hospitality and the kindness we received from our time with you. Thank you!



Will, Abigale, Coral, Lamie, Rachael, and I drove Gloria to the airport and hung out with her before she boarded her flight to Maryland. Team San Fran couldn’t let Gloria go without giving her a cinnamon roll hug.


We schemed to steal her ID, passport, and boarding pass so she wouldn’t leave the 4K cause we love her that much. It was hard saying goodbye and seeing her board the plane, but we all know we’re going to see her in about 2 weeks. Safe travels Gloria, and best of luck with med school.



Since I switched van driving days with Caroline yesterday, it was my turn to drive the host van. Whenever you have Rachael in the host van with you, you know for sure the team will be well fed. The past couple of towns we stopped in were all small with very few restaurants to ask food donations from. We fortunately hit the jackpot cause Cedar City was the biggest town we hit in Utah (they even had a Walmart!). Our job was to find lunch and dinner for tonight, breakfast for tomorrow, and secure a host. Our host was secured by the time the first group left thanks to the Community Baptist Church in Milford. We started asking restaurants for donations and only got denied by 2, the rest were more than willing to feed our hungry cyclists. Here’s a list of the places we got food donated from:

Got 30 burgers and 7 basket of fries from Arctic Circle/Chill
3 order of chicken fingers, 1 fish sandwich, and 1 lamb sandwich from Brad’s
10 BBQ meals from Sonny Boy’s Barbeque
Bread for breakfast at Great Harvest Bread Company
Dinner sides (mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, macaroni salad, green beans) and salad from Sizzler
5 pizzas and wings from Little Ceasars
1 dessert pizza (with nutella) and bruschetta from Centro Pizzeria
10 burgers from Carl’s Jr.
TONS of donuts from a local bakery



By the time we were finished asking for donations, the first group was 10 miles from the host, so we had to book our way from Cedar City to Milford. Rachael and I needed to go to the bike shop, so we quickly stopped by Bike Route to get my bike serviced and get Rachael a wheel. Since we were pressed for time, I left my bike at the store, drove to Milford to drop off lunch, and drove back to pick up my bike. The mechanic said I had a ton of issues with my bike, so I was fortunate I found a bike shop before we left for Nevada and Route 50, the loneliest road in America. Let’s hope I don’t run into any other issues for the rest of the trip (cross fingers).

Also, Hilary’s parents paid her a surprise visit right before she got to the host!


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