Green River

Day 49: Moab, UT to Green River, UT
Total Mileage: 52 miles

They told us 52 miles with no elevation gain, which meant today wouldn’t be too difficult. Having the red rocks and sand all around you gives you something new to look at, especially if this is your first time in Utah. Just within the last couple of days, the terrain, weather, and scenery has changed drastically. One day, you have snow peaked Colorado Mountains with evergreens in the distance and three days later, you’re in the Utah desert plains with red rock canyons all over the place. Such a drastic change, but it makes riding that much more interesting.


Today’s team name: Team Beehive with Julie, Lauren, and Kat. The theme was centered on interesting facts about Utah, and my group chose “Utah is the beehive state.” They have their highway signs in the shape of beehives. The route itself wasn’t too bad. We were on a bike trail for the first couple of miles and saw a ton of mountain bike paths diverging from the trail. They don’t call Moab the mountain bike capital for nothing. The only issue that came up was using the interstate to get to Green River. The alternate route called for gravel roads that were not ride-able, so our only option was to scout out I-70 to see if it was safe enough for us cyclists to bike on. The water van checked out I-70, found a two lane highway (one way) that was not very busy and had wide shoulders, which meant we were in the clearing to ride on the interstate. There literally was no other way to get to Green River, so we had to take the interstate. We got to the host just fine, a little after 1PM.

First and only mail drop of Utah was today. It’s always an exciting day for us since we get letters from friends, postcards from family, and care packages. Huge thanks to my parents for sending a ton of snacks for the team and to Alice (my mentor) for the great care package that included snacks, water balloons, tattoos, window markers, and a whole array of items 4K riders love. Team San Fran 2013 says thank you!

There are a number of members on team San Fran that love planning events, which led to a Secret Santa (Christmas in July) event in Zion and a 4K prom in Tahoe. We’ve come up with pretty creative ways to ask dates to prom. Zac and Sasha wrote “I’ll be your mechanic if you’ll be my ride. Prom Mags?” to Athina under a bridge; Caiti blew up a balloon with a prom message for Katrina to pop; Kevin made an improvised Zen garden out of dirt and garden flowers and wrote “prom?” on a stone for Casey; and I used the mail drop day as my way of asking Abigale to prom. I got a fedex box and filled it up with a clif bar, a luna bar, a rice krispy treat, flowers, two postcards, and a pair of socks with Utah’s delicate arches. One postcard said, “4K Prom?” with two options: 1. Yes (put on socks) 2. No (that’s not an option). The second postcard was to be delivered back to me with her answer, which was yes.


Big thanks to the Boys and Girls Club of Green River for hosting and providing food for us to cook, to the truck stop for allowing us to shower for free, and to Nick, Caiti, and Kat for cooking a great dinner for us (Columbian chicken, rice, beans, and bruschetta).


Oh, and a group of 4Kers went to the “beach,” which ended up being a mud bath in the Green River. 4K OK!


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