Highway 50

Day 58: Baker, NV to Ely, NV
Total Mileage: 64 miles

So I half expected Nevada to be flat cause Vegas is flat, but central and northern Nevada is pretty mountainous. Never expect the easy way out on the 4K. We gotta work our way to San Fran. The terrain pretty much goes like this: climb to the top of the summit and cruise to the bottom, repeat at least two more times. Today was just that and apparently the rest of Nevada is similar. The climbs are long and gradual, but definitely doable. The weather is pretty unpredictable cause one moment you have sun for 30 miles, 5 miles later you have rainclouds and headwinds. You have to prepare yourself for the weather change, so we tuck our rain jackets into our jersey back pockets or throw it in the water van.


Today’s team name: Team Gossip Folk with Sasha, Sara, Lamie, and Danny. Ali ripped apart old postcards she had laying around, threw them in my helmet, and asked the team to piece together the torn pieces to figure out who was in our team. The postcard we pieced together had a woman in the front and a message that pertained to gossip, which is how we got our team name. Had breakfast at the same place we had dinner last night and spent a bit more time at the restaurant than expected. It’s typical for team San Fran to do that, so we’re not really surprised. Most of us had our hydration packs and water bottles filled from the spickets at our campsites, but the owner of the restaurant warned us that the only potable water was from the spicket by the gas station. Fortunately, we caught it before a lot of us drank the water and left for the ride. Also, I noticed a lot of road kill and bones on the side of the road. Not sure how much I like Nevada.


After the first water stop, Danny switched out of the group with Michael to join Caroline’s team. As predicted, we had to climb to the summit and cruise to the bottom, pretty standard 4K Nevada route. And today was the first day we hit Highway 50, the loneliest road in America. Essentially, we’re taking this highway the entire way into California. Time to get creative so we don’t fall asleep on the road. Listening to your MP3, talking to your team mates, and playing games helps out with the boredom.


And there’s Sasha being a beast as always.


Ely is a much bigger town than Baker, so we had no issue getting a host, finding lunch, and eating dinner. A lady at the subway we were ordering our subs at was so impressed with what we were doing that she went around the gas station store telling strangers about our 4K journey. She is a cancer survivor and was so proud of the 4K mission.

Team San Fran 2013.



1 thought on “Highway 50

  1. Anthony, I am always looking forward to reading your blog. I always get excited when I see a mass post of your adventures on my reader 🙂 I know you’re way too busy riding cross country buuut I just wanted to let you know that you made my list as one of the most inspiring blogs that I follow. I’m supposed to let you know that 🙂


    Thanks for all that you’ve done and bike safe! I hope that you no longer get any flat tires after getting your bike fixed!

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