Pacific Time Zone.

Day 57: Milford, UT to Baker, NV
Total Mileage: 84 miles

Last night, we were joined two guest cyclists: Dan and James. They’re doing a cross country cycling trip and are on their way to New York from Santa Cruz. A couple of our team members went to the local diner in Milford for wifi and met Dan and James there. They are self-supported, so they were trying to find a host for the night. We offered them to stay with us for the night and join our dedication circle. Best of luck to them on their travels across the country.

IMG_5005It’s crazy to think that today was our last day in Utah, which means only two more state lines to cross before we end our 4K trip. Our team is already reminiscing from our early ride days in Virginia and even Kansas. Thinking about going back to the real world scares us, so we do our best to not think about the end and just live in the moment. We’re still creating 4K memories that we’ll continue to cherish for the rest of our lives. I can’t reiterate it enough, signing up for the 4K is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I thank my team for always being there for me.

Today’s team name: Team “All for Our Country” with Nick, Michael, Lauren, and Julie. Ali’s theme was based off of Nevada history, and we all chose Nevada’s state motto and part of the state seal. The ride itself wasn’t too difficult, but there were three pretty significant climbs. We no longer cringe at long inclines and hills and just accept them as everyday 4K challenges that we know we can complete. Like I said throughout my posts, it’s all about mentality and when you tell yourself you can do it, you will. Say you can and you will. We were on the same road for 80 miles, so the ride can get a bit boring when you’re just biking in one direction. To pass time, we told our life stories to each other. It’s great learning about one’s life, cause it gives great insight into their character and gives you a greater understanding of them. You find similarities between riders, differences that help bring diversity to the team, and learn how their personal experiences shaped who they are today. Also, mad props to Coral and Magazina for lunch. They had to drive 120+ miles to the next city to find restaurants that were willing to donate food to us. And for some reason, today’s lunch stop was extra fun. Lots of spraying water at the incoming teams and dancing on the streets.


IMG_5011Crossed into Nevada towards the end of our ride and took a team picture in front of the Welcome to Nevada and Welcome to Utah sign.


DCIM101GOPROWe rolled into our host a bit confused about the location, but knew we were in the right place. We saw the 4K vans there, our tents set up, and other team members lounging around, so we knew we were in the right place. Our campsite was right in front of a motel on rocky ground, which caught us off guard, but weren’t too surprised since we were in a very small town with only three significant sized buildings, one being a restaurant. Thanks again to Lamie’s aunts donation, we were able to get unlimited pizza for $5 a person. Setting up the tents were difficult cause it rained and the ground was rocky, but we made it work.

IMG_5033After dinner, we drove a 12 mile scenic drive in Great Basin National Park.



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