Surprise Century

Day 50: Green River, UT to Capitol Reef, UT
Total Mileage: 100 miles


Words from Abigale!

We had a late start to the day cause the credit card went missing and we had to reroute because there was a road that led to the end of the world (according to the first couple of 4Kers that biked the gravel road). The route called for 94 miles, but ended up being 100.2 miles on the dot (surprise century!). The ride was less than picturesque as we rode through a desert primarily the whole way. Hilary shared a rhyming game she learned in her improv group in school that HAKA (Hilary, Anthony, Kevin, and Abigale) Flocka Flame played to pass some time. To add to our already difficult ride, during the last 20 miles there was a terrible head wind that quickly tired the group to a point where we no longer had enough breath to keep each other entertained with our awful rhyming skills.


Once the group arrived at Capitol Reef National Park we stopped at the welcome sign so that Kevin could relieve himself and we ended up meeting a chap who biked across the country three years ago.  The fellow cycled from Jacksonville, FL to San Diego, CA and admired the difficulty of the route that the 4K are taking.


We stopped at the petroglphys on the way into the park and eventually made our way to the campsite in Capitol Reef. The last 20 miles were pretty difficult since there were lots of hills and a headwind against us. We were pretty exhausted by the time we made it into the park, so we were relieved when we saw the 4K van and the tents setup after hitting the 100 mile mark. Go team San Fran!



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