Austin, NV

Day 60: Eureka, NV to Austin, NV
Total Mileage: 70 miles

Today’s ride was in dedication to two of the greatest people in the entire world, Valerie and Marylou, my sisters. Thanks for all of the support and love during my 4K journey. See you guys soon!


It’s weird to think that we only have 10 more riding days left till we reach San Francisco. As a team, we’ve all gone through so much, endured a ton of hardships, and celebrated together. If it weren’t for the support of my other team members, I wouldn’t have made it this far. They’ve made this experience the best time I’ve ever had, and I am eternally grateful to be graced with their presence on a daily basis.

Today I rode with Lauren, Kevin, Danny, and Caroline and we were team FDR. Ali’s theme was based off of political leaders during WWII. Same old Nevada terrain the entire way to Austin, it’s what we expected. The struggle today was finding the host van keys. After all the groups left, we get a GroupMe text from Kat asking where the keys are. Seven miles into our ride, Lauren realizes the keys are in her back jersey pocket. The water van had to turn around from the first water stop, pick up the key from Lauren, drive back to the host to deliver the key, and drive back to the first water stop.


The ride into lunch was pretty tough because of the strong headwinds and crosswinds. We’re all saying Nevada is the new Kansas, cause we experienced hot weather with strong winds. The only difference between the two was the climbs. The last descent into Austin was scary for me. After a significant last climb, we knew it was all downhill into Austin. I was intimidated by the downhill cause of the sharp switchbacks with no rail guards. Normally I don’t brake a lot, but I kept my hands real close to my brakes going down that hill. Liberating that we didn’t have to climb anymore, but terrifying in the sense that we could get hurt going down this hill if we fall. Better safe than sorry!


We got to Austin and saw our tents set up right in the middle of a baseball field. The grass was so soft, I didn’t think my sleeping pad would be necessary for the night, but I set it up anyway. Casey and I have become fond in collecting car plates of the states we cycle through. We haven’t found any Nevada ones yet, so we decided to check out a junkyard that was less than a mile from our host. We lucked out cause we found a shed with literally every single car plate from every single state. The junkyard even had extra car plates tucked away in a corner, which is where we found Nevada and several other states we needed plates from.


After our donated pizza dinner, we headed off to natural hot springs about 13 miles from the host. 4K alumni got in contact with Michael about the spot, urging him to send the team there cause it was one of the highlights of their trip. We drove down 50 and reached an unpaved, long stretch of gravel road. For about 2 miles, we’re traveling on this road, trying to figure out where the springs were. We pull up to a spot where an RV is parked and lo and behold, the hot springs were there. A great way to end the night, especially with great people. “Spencer Hot Springs consists of a series of pools, each one conveniently separated by enough landscape to provide privacy. The best may be the stone-lined pool on a rise with a commanding view of the Big Smokey Valley, the Toiyabe Range to the west and the Toquima Range to the east.
The pool sits just below the source of the spring, which fills the pool from a short length of pipe.” (


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