For Jake.

Day 59: Ely, NV to Eureka, NV
Total Mileage: 77 miles

Today’s ride was dedicated to a special kid that was pedal pals with a member of Team Portland last year. On this day last year and during the last stretch of Team Portland’s ride, Jake Grecco passed away from a very aggressive form of brain cancer called Gliomatosis Cerebri. He was diagnosed with cancer at age 7 and passed away a year later. In reverence to his time here, members of team San Fran, Portland, and Seattle dedicated rides to him. We are his prayer warriors and will continue to keep him in our minds as we finish our 4K journey. “Though he is gone from our arms, in our hearts, he is the inextinguishable light we wish to shine back into this world.” (


Now that we’ve been in Nevada for a couple days, we know what to expect in terms of terrain: climb to a summit, descend, straightaway stretch until we reach the next climb, headwinds and crosswinds. I rode today with Zac, Kat, Dany, and Coral and we were Team Dinner Helpers. Ali wrote different entrees on slips of paper and we had to figure out what meal we fit in. It’s easier for the vans to chalk in Nevada cause the cities are all on 50 and we’re on that highway for almost the entire ride.


The directions only called for three turns to Eureka. We looked at the elevation chart last night and saw four climbs, which meant four summits. The first three weren’t too bad, but by the time we were climbing up to the last summit, we were losing energy and getting tired. The good thing about climbs is that you have a descent to look forward to, so our motivation up the last hill was getting to our host and going down the descent. Unfortunately after climbing up to the fourth and final summit, my chain derailed and my cassette was not rotating normally. It’s frustrating since we were only 2.4 miles away from the host and that I had the same exact issue descending down into Escalante. Because it’s dangerous to ride on an issue like that, I had to call the van to pick me up. Oh, and Coral got another slow leak.IMG_5065

As soon as we got to the host, they told us the entire town of Eureka didn’t have power. About an hour later, we try and figure out what the issue is. If it’s a simple problem, Kevin figures out what is causing the issue and addresses it. He knew my free hub wasn’t rotating correctly, so I called the water van to come pick me up. 2.4 miles later, we made it.


Big thanks to the restaurant that donated over $260 to us, which meant we all had a little over $10 per person to spend on dinner. After we ate dinner and finding a place that sold ice cream, we played Knockout and Around the World. Amy unfortunately twisted her ankle during our Around the World game. It hurt to put pressure on her left leg, so she had to take it nice and easy the next couple of days so the problem doesn’t get any worse.

Major props to Casey for re-designing our windows on Jack (white van/water van) and for Lamie’s calligraphic lettering. Baltimore is represented by the blue crab and San Fran by the Golden Gate Bridge.


Yeah 4K!


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