Host Vanning It!

Day 61: Austin, NV to Fallon, NV
Total Mileage: 114 miles

We always struggle to get up in the morning, especially when it’s cold. Camping makes things go a little slower, but it’s always fun!IMG_5113

I was assigned van duty the day we have our one and only century in Nevada and during the naked mile. Sasha and Zac took the water van, so Nick and I were responsible for the host van. Unfortunately, Sasha tried calling ahead of time to secure a lunch donation from Austin, but we didn’t have any luck. Austin itself is a pretty small town with only about three restaurants, so we were limited with potential lunch donators. We had to drive 114 miles on Highway 50 to the next city, Fallon. One of the locals told us last night that Fallon had a Walmart, so that was a good indication for us to go check out Fallon since it was a big enough city to have a Walmart in town. The other places we visited in Nevada were all small towns, so Fallon was our best bet in finding food.


After 114 miles of driving and accidentally driving into a bird (woops), we made it to Fallon around 10am, dropped the duffles and bags to our wonderful host (thanks Patti), and went to town looking for donations. We went to Dairy Queen first and had no luck cause the manager wasn’t there, so we tried Jack in the Box for a donation. I spoke with the manager and she said I had to get in contact with the manager in charge of the Northern Nevada’s Jack in the Boxes for clearance. After 10 minutes of speaking with the regional manager, she agreed to donate lunch to our team. Every store and restaurant that we asked for donations afterwards were very generous and donated to our team. Here’s a list of things we got:

-Jack in the Box for 25 (10 burgers, 10 chicken sandwiches, 20 chicken nuggetes, and 3 chicken salads)
-Chow mein and fried rice for 15 at Golden Rice Bowl
-$50 donation from Walmart (a bunch of snacks, bananas, bread, lemonade mix, Pringles, etc.)
-Sunblock and chalk from Walgreens (thanks Nathan)IMG_5515

After securing and collecting all our donations, we had to drive about 50 miles back to setup lunch. It’s a good thing Nick and I got all the things we got, cause we were running low on snacks, sunblock, chalk, and the riders were hungry. The water van told us to setup the next water stop after lunch since the first and last groups were really far from each other. At that stop, I gathered a bunch of rocks and wrote 4KSF13 on the dirt ground with a bicycle underneath it.


A big thanks to Patti, Mike, and Jan for being such wonderful hosts to our entire team. We really appreciate all the hospitality and willingness to help with putting our bikes away, doing laundry, preparing dinner for us, having the Fallon community involved with our 4K cause. We actually met up with Jan’s son Nathan at Walgreen and he donated a couple things to the 4K. They want to make 4K team San Fran’s arrival in Fallon a traditional event, getting the community involved, and having a fundraiser for our cause. If any of you are thinking about doing the 4K next year and are placed in team San Fran, call Patti. She’ll be more than willing to help out with anything related to 4K. She even wrote an article for the paper about the 4K. We really appreciate all the help and can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done for us.

Also, thanks to Rachael for cutting my hair before prom night. You’re the best!


Team San Fran 2013.






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