Lake Tahoe

Day 63: Rest Day in State Line, NV/South Lake Tahoe, CA

It’s great to have some down time after consecutively riding several days in a row. Like I said before, I’ve heard nothing but great things about South Lake Tahoe, so it’s perfect we have homestays in State Line cause Tahoe is right around the corner and the California border is just two miles away. After biking up Spooner Summit and seeing Tahoe for the first time, we immediately fell in love, so we knew our rest day here would be nothing short of great.

IMG_4804Before I could do anything else, I had to get my wheel looked at since I’ve been borrowing back wheels the past couple of days when I rode. Yelped a couple bike shops around the area and decided to go with Sierra Cycle Works. It had great reviews, high ratings, and everyone said the mechanic was the best in the area. So I took my wheel to the shop, explained the issues I had, and showed him what happened to my chain when backpedaled. It wasn’t a matter of a quick fix up, so he told me to come back in a couple hours to work on the issue. Rachael, Will, Dany, and I ate lunch at the Brewery at Lake Tahoe, explored Heavenly Village and the gondola (got some new sunglasses and chums), and watched Aunt Jenine and Uncle Rodney get married.

IMG_5296At about 5PM, Gary (the mechanic) gave me a call to head on over so I could pick up Roxanne (my bike). Like Kevin said, it was an issue of the freehub not rotating freely. Gary explained to me that the freehub was almost completely worn out and rusting pretty badly, which meant that I could potentially run into the same issue again. My chain could drop tomorrow, five days from now, or last me the entire trip. He suggested I buy a new wheel if it were to occur again. Replacing the freehub is much too complicated and even though it would have been a bit cheaper, the convenience of buying a new wheel would be easier to deal with. Because of the cause we ride for, Gary offered the bike service for free. Guess I really did pick the best bike shop in town (

IMG_4806When it comes to homestays, it’s hard to coordinate team get togethers. Plan was to meet up at Round Hill Pines at Tahoe for a BBQ dinner. Some groups beach bummed the entire day at the lake, others explored Tahoe and did some retail therapy, some paddle boarded, while others off roaded into the mountains and snorkeled. So much to see and so much to do in this city, and we all loved it.


During our BBQ dinner, we tested our skills at kayaking, vultured on bean dip and chips, and played a friendly game of volleyball. Two things I learned:

1. The water loves Abigale and wouldn’t let her kayak into the lakeIMG_5269

2. Team Luna rocks the volleyball court



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