Welcome to California!

Day 64: State Line, NV to Lee Vining, CA
Total Mileage: 106 miles

After spending the day in Tahoe, no one wanted to leave. I’ve heard amazing things about Tahoe from friends that have visited before, but never did I expect to fall in love with a place so much in so little time. There’s so much to do and so much to see, and having only one day to relax in Tahoe wasn’t enough. We’re all thinking about coming back here, buying vacation homes if we win the lottery, and just having a reunion in Tahoe. Water activities on the lake, skiing and snowboarding in the winter, hikes for days, bike routes for miles; Tahoe has everything. We still love Boulder, so we’re going to need people to move to both cities in the near future so we can come visit. No pressure 4K, no pressure.

Again, a big thanks to all of our hosts, especially Klaus, who hosted Will, Danny, and me and of course to the Felton family.  “The most important thing is this moment and this day.” Words of wisdom from Klaus during our dedication circle. It truly encompasses what the 4K is all about.



We always have a late start to the day when we’re all separated in different houses, which was the case today. Call time was 6:45AM at Greg’s house, and we weren’t ready for dedication circle till 9AM. We had a pretty eventful morning: the free hub on my back wheel was not rotating properly (again), the water van (Jack) got into a minor crash, and a team mate was sick at one of the summits we climbed.


Less than a mile after we reached the top of Daggett Summit going into the descent, my chain derailed and I knew immediately that it was the same issue I had before. Gary told me yesterday that the free hub issue would probably pop up again, so he suggested I buy a new tire. So now, I’m on the search for a new tire. I called the host van and borrowed Coral’s tire for the day and didn’t run into any issues. I was initially with Julie, Nick, Hilary, Kevin, and Caiti, but we got separated on the descent. I had to climb up a little to the top of Daggett to wait for the host van. We spent close to an hour up at the summit and another hour at the first water stop. Things weren’t looking too promising in terms of finishing the century ride today since we were only at 17 miles around 11:30AM. We all just wanted to cross into California, which we did around mile 40!


Today’s team: Team Finishers with Katrina, Michael, and Will. We had to do a little regrouping at the stop of the first summit, and I ended up joining them for the day. A late start to the day is an indicator that some groups would not finish the day due to the sun setting, especially when you have over 100 miles to bike. One group got 11 flats before the 2nd water stop and had to get shuttled to lunch because they were so far behind.


Team Finishers was the first group ahead, so we had to find a lunch stop in Toiyabe National Forest. We chose a day area spot which was right by the water and had time to relax and wade in the river before the host van came to drop off lunch.


By the fourth water stop, we were around mile 78 and it was already past 6PM. We had a great pace going on, but we knew a couple climbs were still ahead of us. It was hard to tell whether or not we’d have enough sunlight to finish the ride, but we were determined. We skipped the last water stop and booked the last 20 miles to the host. After the second to last climb, there was an 8 mile downhill, where I hit a new record of 46.4 MPH down the hill. By this point, it was already past 8 with less than five miles of climbing to go. The host and water van passed and cheered us on cause we were so close. We made it before 8:30PM and were glad to have finished the last century before the end of our 4K journey. That doesn’t mean we won’t have a surprise century, but I’m glad we made it.

Oh, and team San Fran knows how to party in spandex.IMG_5314


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