Sacramento and Davis

Day 67: Angels Camp, CA to Davis, CA
Total Mileage: 96 miles

Today’s ride was in dedication to Armando Divinagracia, who passed away from lung cancer in 2002.

IMG_5503Waking up to having breakfast made for the team is one of the best things that could happen on a typical 4K morning. We had members of the church wake up bright and early (rather, dark and early) to serve us a delicious meal. A great, hearty breakfast means happy, energized riders. We are always so thankful for volunteers sacrificing their time to serve us as we continue to cycle towards San Fran. It means so much to us when we have one less thing to worry about in the morning, and to share it with a community that supports the 4K makes it that more incredible.

Thanks to the one and only person on the team that can fashionably wear her long sleeve shirt tied across her chest (Coral) for the beard today. Even though Rachael thought I looked like a creep, I thought you did a wonderful job. “This one time, Coral drew a beard on my face and it was all history from there.”

IMG_5504Today’s team name: Team Cannoliziano with Will, Rachael, Kevin, and Caiti. Great group, great day, great breakfast, great weather, not so great reroute. The route that took us off the main road turned out to be a very bumpy one. Apparently the original route we were supposed to take did not have a shoulder and it was only a two-lane highway, so a local routed us through some back roads that wound through a couple vineyards and the countryside. Maybe he thought we all had mountain bikes or thicker tires, but the route was not meant for road bikes. Going down a hill over 40 MPH with an uneven road filled with potholes is not the safest option, especially if you’re traveling in a larger group. The road was so bumpy, it was slightly damaging small nerves on our hands that made them numb. One of the spokes on Kevin’s wheel actually broke off during our bumpy 10 miler, so we had to stop and call the water van so he could replace his tire. Didn’t have much service on our reroute, so we had to make a team effort and call the van drivers for help. While he waited for the water van to bring a new tire, the rest of the team went on ahead to the first water stop.  Knowing how fast and pro Kevin is, we knew he’d eventually catch up to us, and he did after getting lost for a bit and right before our lunch stop.IMG_5506Rachael and I got to telling our life stories to each other during the long stretches between water breaks, which made the ride go that much faster. It helps to talk to teammates during long days, especially since today almost ended up being a surprise century. One group actually cycled over a century cause they had to back track and meet up with an alumnus that wanted to ride into Davis with us.

IMG_5512We passed through Sacramento, rode along a bike trail, and biked through Davis. Along the way, we ran into Lamie’s family after lunch, in Sacramento, at the last water stop, and at our host. They were our biggest cheerleaders today and provided us with an amazing Vietnamese dinner.

Picture 1We actually had some sunlight left to explore Davis after our 96-mile day. Picked the perfect day to spend the night in Davis cause the city has an awesome farmers market on Wednesdays. Plus, there were a ton of bike shops, restaurants, and stores to visit. I needed to buy a new back wheel if I wanted to bike into San Francisco. There’s no way I could borrow a team members wheel on day 70 because we all need one, so I figured today would be the best day to get one. Spent over $100 on a new wheel, but it was necessary. Plus, I’ll be using Roxanne in the future when I get back to Maryland. Got some froyo with the team, listened to some live jazz on the streets, and went to a pub to pre-celebrate Rachael’s birthday. Napa, here we come! DCIM101GOPRO


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